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I often wonder who people are when no one is looking. Are they more secure and their most free self? Are people even conscious of who they become when everyone is paying attention? When confronted with fear, high expectations, invasion of privacy, or even when caught off-guard an unnatural performative behavior may occur to assert self-assuredness. Contrarily, facing predisposition could cause a sense of comfort in that openness. What happens in these moments, façade or free of shame, is what interests me most. Extempore, A Conversation examines this relationship between vulnerability, perspective, and unconsciousness.

These photos are part of a series where I use an off-the-cuff approach to capturing my subject. The spontaneity of the shoot forces him to be as truthful as possible, giving little to no time in between each shot to think of how to move, how to look, what or who to be. While shooting, I engage on a personal level — arbitrarily asking questions in an interview-like fashion, later shifting into a more natural discussion. My goal is to further lower the subjects guard with the comfortability of our conversation, allowing for more truthful responses through body language. Even if his words are not truthful, his body will never lie. The more we speak, I request the subject to remove layers of clothes, exposing him as he audibly exposes himself. The audio of each conversation is recorded. Comfort and boundaries are put to the test. 

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